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"Taking photos on your Flights"

“Documenting your Travel”

We all love to fly and love aviation , that’s why we're here reading these stories, and a lot of us like to keep those memories through photos, whether for personal use or content for our sites and blogs. Just today my mother sent me a story about an aviation journalist that was detained by an American Airlines crew and asked to show the photos he had taken on the flight. The story is a little surprising and makes me uneasy, especially being an aviation photographer and photojournalist.

For more details on the full story see the link here…

First and foremost, we have to understand as aviation photographers that taking photos is one thing but taking photos of staff of the airline is another, especially without their consent. For the best possible outcome, I would have the following recommendations.

1) When taking photos on your flights, try and keep individuals out of it, that includes staff and other passengers

2) If you want a photo of the cabin wait till everyone leaves and ask for permission

3) Always remember, the airlines have a turnaround time….be courteous to them as they have a job to do.

4) And if asked to stop taking photos…. STOP simple as that

As for the crew of the American Airlines flight, I cannot speak for them as I'm, not in their Shoes. However, there are always two sides to a story, and I feel for the photojournalist as well as the crew. Here's to hoping cool head prevails within this story and hopes others take my tips in regarding documenting your travels.

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