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JetBlue™ and Spirit™ to Merge

Just recently, JetBlue announced the possible merger between themselves and Spirit Airlines. As some of you may have known, Frontier Airlines was the first airline in the US to place a bid on Spirit, after which, JetBlue also placed a bid.

This of course sent shockwaves through the aviation community and raised some interesting questions for both passengers as well as staff for both carriers. What will come of the current routing? How will JetBlue work the said deal, and how will this affect everyone?

More so the 3.8 billion dollar bid is still on the table and not finalized as it still has to pass through the DOJ for approval. Nevertheless, a possible dominant airline is on the horizon and has the potential to take over a "low-cost carrier" option within the US and other countries.

I'm curious now to know what you all think of this. Do you think the DOJ will approve the deal and if so how will the two airlines work together or will one take complete control?

Do you think this merger is a good deal?

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