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50k Follower Giveaway!

It sure has been a journey! Just a little over a year ago I was celebrating 4k followers on Instagram and here we are at 50K and counting! In honor of 50K followers, I’d like to give back to my supporters!

Head over to my Instagram page ( and make sure to give me a follow and look for today's post (9/12/22) This post will have the info needed to enter the contest as well as how to win!!!

I have also teamed up with The Airplane shop ( to provide one winner with a chance to win a 1/400 scale model of their choosing! Other winners will have the choice of the before mentioned and a plane tag from either a Delta MD 88 or an Atlas Air 747. And lastly, a chance to win a signed 8x10 photo from one of my aerial shoots!

Thank you again for your support; it truly means the world to me! Now head on over to my Instagram and look for the giveaway post!

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